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Who deserves the kudos (and a free drink from me if you choose to claim your prize) for ridding Facebook of the “A Mark Zuckerberg Production” footer last week? It has been arrogantly sitting at the bottom of its pages forever, giving every profile writer a nice little psychological insight into the psyche of the company (you can only milk references to the goofy flip-flops worn by the 20-something social networking site’s founder or the company’s questionable refusal to be acquired by Yahoo for $1 billion for so long).

The “A Mark Zuckerberg Production” line always and naggingly reminded me of the credits of a plethora of 1970s shows, such as that childhood classic “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” Santa Clause Is Comin’ to Townwhich was “A Rankin/Bass Production.” While I like a little retro hip too, I was there and I can assure anyone just out of college that the 1970s were not hip.

Now the footer has been replaced by the more sober: Facebook © 2007, which is fine. But I would prefer a constantly updated motto in its place. My first suggestion: Home of the Billion-Dollar Flip-Flop.

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