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Gates and Jobs Interview Downloadable on iTunes and More to Come…

Given so many requests to be able to download the joint interview Walt and I did last week at our fifth D conference with Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs, we decided quickly to make them available on Apple’s iTunes, as well as on several Microsoft platforms.

It is now up on iTunes here, in video and also as a podcast. The link will connect you to the Gates/Jobs interview page on iTunes, but it comes up in the iTunes program, which you need to have, not in your Web browser.

I will post links on Microsoft platforms for both downloading and streaming as soon as they are up.

Within a few weeks or so, we will also be streaming that interview in its entirety on this site, along with all the others at the conference, but you can get great highlights of all of them here.

While some might have preferred a mano-a-mano smackdown between the twin titans of tech, you’ll find the interview very reflective and more personal than anyone expected, which we felt was a lot more interesting than gibe-trading (though there is some of that, too).


The iTunes site for the interview includes a great picture taken before the historic interview in the green room, where Kodak–one of the conference’s sponsors–was shooting amazing pictures of all the speakers. Gates and Jobs took theirs together and it is, I think you will agree, one for the ages.

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— Jeff Jarvis on the failure of CNN, Fox and other outlets to report the Supreme Court’s decision accurately