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Survey Says iPhone Will Be–Wait for It–for Boys Who Like Toys

Yes, the countdown to Apple’s iPhone is on–that is, if you are a 30-something educated man with cash to spend.

Take a gander at the results of an online survey of U.S. customers below by Solutions Research Group.

Three-quarters of those “definitely interested” are men, and 94% are between 15 and 49 years old, with an average age of 31. Almost 60% finished college, and those interested have a $75,600 annual household income. Close to half, no surprise, live in New York and California.

Most interestingly and perhaps a bit ironic, about half of those surveyed did not own an iPod.

The iPhone will be the splashiest mobile introduction since the Motorola StarTAC caused a frenzy among the geek set when it was debuted on January 3, 1996. (I was actually one of the goony people who lined up at the Consumer Electronics Show that year to gaze at the phone that was suspended in a clear box, as if it were the Hope Diamond.)

The iPhone is certain to cause similar behavior when it goes on sale at AT&T stores at the end of the month at a hefty price of $500. Between this and the release of the seventh and final “Harry Potter” book–“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”–on July 21, it will surely be the summer of long lines outside stores.


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