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Delightfully Dancing Download

The first video Mischael Cetoute said that he wanted to download was a bit too “Chongalicious” for our Web site (you can look that video up yourself on YouTube), although he noted, “It’s really popular down here in Miami.”

Gallantly, he sent us another one, embedded below, which is called “How To Crank Dat Soulja Boy,” a hip dance video that we can certainly handle in Silicon Valley.

And Cetoute can now download as he pleases, using RealNetworks’s beta software of its RealPlayer 11, which allows users one-click downloading of non-DRM-protected video from the Web. It is being offered to selected AllThingsD.com visitors to try out before it is released later this month.

CEO Rob Glaser debuted the new version of RealNetworks’s flagship product at the D5 conference last month, which you can read about here and also see a video of the demo.

Along with downloading, you can also bookmark videos and organize them using the software. And once saved, you can then rip those videos onto any CD, DVD or, eventually, any other storage device like an iPod.

Said Cetoute in his email about why he wanted the player: “I am not one of those tech freaks that will download CNET videos cuz that’s dumb and a waste [of] time. I want videos from YouTube/Google video. And I promise to use the account well, and not get it just to be in on all the latest tech. (Loser) lol.”

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