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Digital Daily's John Paczkowski's Versatile Eyebrow Considers the iPhone


Because we love to scratch each other’s backs here at AllThingsD.com, I am going to begin every day posting here and making my usual commentary on our very own John Paczkowski’s most enjoyable Digital Daily video.
One of the things I really love about John’s videos are his funny openers, for which he has used handmade puppets of tech icons, defaced magazine covers, kooky hand-drawn graphs and many Oscar-worthy facial grimaces.

In today’s video, John uses his talented eyebrows, a music snippet from “2001: A Space Odyssey” and a movie snippet from “A Fish Called Wanda” to talk about YouTube’s new spot on what some in the Valley call the “JesusPhone,” because its coming on June 29 is the most heralded and hyped event ever for a device.

Here is a direct link to today’s video, which is also below (we are crosslinking and crossposting fools at AllThingsD.com).

FYI, although it looks like he is flashing one in the video, that’s actually a now-banned piece of software called iPhony, a faux iPhone interface, on his Treo.

(John did get to see a real iPhone that Walt is in the middle of testing for a brief moment yesterday, wherein he fell into an Apple fanboy stupor, and we had to pry it out of his hands.)

Here is his text post about it in his Digital Daily column, where he also posts about Google’s intensified lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C., (they needed that) and Yahoo’s acquisition of Rivals.com (they really needed that).

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