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Kara Visits Fox Studios

I went on a visit to News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media in Beverly Hills and 20th Century Fox Studios in Century City, Calif., last week, so I thought I should get this video up before Rupert Murdoch locks down the deal to buy Dow Jones, and, by extension, this little digital media outpost on the fringes of the media empire.

If that happens, they might have my picture at the gate (with a note attached: “Guards, this woman really annoys Rupe, so please detain her”) and I might not be able to wander around like I did, with my little video camera taking in the sights.

I visited the lot because I am interested in trying to understand how Hollywood is dealing with digital issues and, thus, I must understand Hollywood. (And, of course, because Hollywood lots are kind of cool still.)

Tuesday, I will post on my interview with Fox Interactive Media President Peter Levinsohn, after he gets back to me on additional questions I just fobbed over: About the rumors of the unseemly squishing together of News Corp.’s hotsy-totsy MySpace and not-so-hotsy-or-totsy Yahoo and also the latest Dow Jones developments.

Let’s be real–I am likely to get “no comment” on both these queries, but the questions must be asked at least.

Until then, here’s my video:

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The problem with the Billionaire Savior phase of the newspaper collapse has always been that billionaires don’t tend to like the kind of authority-questioning journalism that upsets the status quo.

— Ryan Chittum, writing in the Columbia Journalism Review about the promise of Pierre Omidyar’s new media venture with Glenn Greenwald