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What Should Yahoo Do?

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OK, I am officially starting to get weary writing about management and PR snafus at Yahoo, so I am turning my attention to the positive.

Unless, of course, there is another corporate misstep.

(It could happen.)

But starting tomorrow, I will begin to explore each part of the Internet giant–and, despite all the bad karma swirling around it, Yahoo is still huge and powerful–looking at its strengths and weaknesses and getting input on what it needs to do to excel again.

I am trying to get Yahoo execs to let me talk to the folks there running the various units directly, so they too can weigh in about what they are actually up to. I will also be talking to many former Yahoos for their insights.

While I am still compiling the list of areas I want to explore, they will include advertising, news and entertainment, morale, technology, public relations, mobile, search and, of course, leadership.

In other words, get ready Jerry and Sue–I have a long list of questions.

And I hope you do, too, as well as answers to the question of what Yahoo should do going forward. I would welcome any and all suggestions in the comments section here or you can write me at kara@allthingsd.com.

But since I cannot resist, here are some interesting posts about the recent mess around the departure of Yahoo sales head Wenda Harris Millard. Eric Frenchman of the Web site Pardon My French writes several times with obvious worry about the move. And Kevin Newcomb of SearchEngineWatch is also dubious here.

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