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Kara Visits Yosemite, Where There Is–Horrors–No Cell Coverage or Internet Access


Blah, blah, blah, stunning vistas.

Blah, blah, blah, majestic trees, noble beasts and all that magnificent nature.

Thank iGod I didn’t buy an iPhone yesterday, since I am going to be away a week on a purported vacation at Camp Mather near Yosemite National Park and there is no digital nothing there. (See this funny comic strip, that is entirely on point, from “The Joy of Tech.”)

Of course, everyone–including the traitor Mossberg–is acting like that is a good thing for me.

After all, I love the Web. I love it a lot. Too much.

For example:

One of my favorite vacation memories was the Thai foot massage and Internet access salons in Bangkok, followed up by my testing cellphone coverage while wading in Provincetown Harbor on Cape Cod.

And I think it relaxing to program my TiVo.

And I really and truly enjoy discussing Joost.

And I still even have my CueCat.

Most of all, my relationship with my BlackBerry is such that I actually had it clutched in my hand (OK, by accident, but that’s a long story) when I had my son.

I know: I am a freakish geek. Or is that a geekish freak?

You can get a good taste of my mania in this 1998 Wall Street Journal article “I Cut the Cord” (another digital pregnancy reference!) that I wrote about going totally wireless and my subsequent love affair with my cellphone.

In any case, there will only be one post a day next week (and none on July 4) by Associate Editor John Sullivan taking note of John Paczkowski’s Digital Daily column and video.

I will be back in action Monday, July 9, ready to annoy Yahoo and many others all through the summer–and with exciting digital side trips to Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, New York, Washington, Rochester, Dublin and London.

Whew. I guess I will need that rest.

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