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New From AllThingsD Labs: Daily Email Digest and FULL RSS Feeds

We know, we know–we mainstream media types are slow as molasses getting up to speed on all these modern new features on the Web. And even those not-so-new!

But we get there, my friends, bedraggled as we are. Thus, here are a pair of features that we just added and improved upon after the masses clamored for them (OK, it was a handful of emails telling us to get with it, but we’re just getting started with this digital lemonade stand).

First, our new Daily Email Digest delivers new content to anyone who subscribes. Uh, daily. Via email. Imagine that! Subscribers receive summaries of all new posts from each blog and column–all of Walt Mossberg’s columns and blog, as well as Katie Boehret, Kara Swisher’s BoomTown, John Paczkowski’s Digital Daily and Voices–in one succinct html or plain-text email. Did we say daily?

And now our once-summarized RSS feeds give you the full posts from any of our blogs and columns, formatted for whatever feed reader you use. Look for the orange icon near the individual blog title or in the footer of each page.

And you can also click here to sign up for either or both.

And there is lots more to come at, as we are hard at work back at our creepy lab–oops, I meant really high-tech, steel-encased, super-special digitized Web room–to bring you more nifty features to make your experience here better and better.

Well, don’t expect a whole lot of those trendy-but-mostly-dumb widgets from us (you think we have time for all that time-wasting Facebookey feel-goodness here at tech news central?), but we’ll keep you updated as we roll them out.

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