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Here’s yet another new video blog effort in the tech space, this time from Morgan Webb in an awfully enthusiastic offering called WebbAlert.

Besides the daily video, she also does a short blog post on the report with links from around the Web. Given only the first one to comment on, I would say Webb is a bit–how shall we put this delicately–excitable in her delivery (she seems to almost squeal several times and no one can get that animated about Apple’s three billionth iTunes song sale).

But she plows on through with admirable fortitude, and it looks great production-wise. I also like the scrolling notes running below her, even if they are slightly too cute.

Of course, who is BoomTown to talk? While I love to make videos from the various visits to Web moguls and companies, my production values are less, well, polished and that jiggly camera effect is not on purpose, as much as I would like to claim I am an artist. Yes, I know, I am flip to the point of annoyance to some. One plus: You never have to see my face!

All kidding aside, you could quibble with all the nascent online video efforts in the tech space. But, in general, the new Web video offerings are relatively good, and I expect there will be many more to come.

We have already been posting new WSJ.com tech video blogger Andy Jordan‘s Tech Diary, for example, as well as noting the entry of Om Malik into the online video space with a new weekly interview show.

Still, none are as snarky as as our very own John Paczkowski of Digital Daily with his daily video on tech news. It must be said: His arched eyebrow and puppetry skills remain unequaled.

Here is Webb’s first video, followed by John’s latest (complete with scary Rupert puppet):

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There’s a lot of attention and PR around Marissa, but their product lineup just kind of blows.

— Om Malik on Bloomberg TV, talking about Yahoo, the September issue of Vogue Magazine, and our overdependence on Google