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All D: All Things Digital, All the Time!


Now, in living color, the entire historic joint interview with Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of Apple.

D: All Things Digital, the annual tech and media conference Walt Mossberg and I host, has been sold out with a long wait list every year we have put it on.

That has meant only a few hundred people can see the interviews we do live onstage with some of the tech and media industry’s most interesting and important players.

That has included Gates and Jobs, as well as Eric Schmidt of Google, IAC’s Barry Diller, Meg Whitman of eBay, Cisco’s John Chambers and many others.

We usually post the photos and videos of the interviews six or more months after they take place on a separate conference site. This year, our Digital Daily’s John Paczkowski liveblogged D5 and also posted video highlights from all of the sessions immediately on our newly launched site here.

Now, today, we are posting videos of every session of the 2007 conference here, in full, and we have made all our photo galleries, hosted by SmugMug and mostly shot by our fabulous Asa Mathat, public too. You can also access our videos via the site’s master player here.

We’ve done this early with our popular interview with Gates and Jobs for download on iTunes (where it is among the most popular video podcasts ever for download), as well Walt’s solo interview with Jobs and Schmidt on this site.

Now, everyday, I am going to highlight a different interview from the conference. And, today, I obviously must kick off with the interview that attracted the most attention: our joint discussion with Gates and Jobs.

There is not much to say about it that has not been said. It’s 83 minutes. It’s historic. It’s funny. It is visionary (and not the cat fight expected between the longtime rivals). It’s surprisingly poignant in parts.

Here you are:

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