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New $$ and Tech Conference=Sexy?

According to our video interview with Valleywag’s Owen Thomas that we posted last week, “money is the sex of Silicon Valley.”


If so, watch out for a new conference from blogger Paul Kedrosky (pictured here), planned for next year called Money:Tech.

Set to take place in February in New York (this dead-of-winter-and-thus-grimy-in-Manhattan prospect loses the conference immediate sexy points) and in partnership with longtime conference pro Tim O’Reilly, the event will focus on “near and dear to my heart: the confluence of money and technology (hence the name),” wrote Kedrosky on his also aptly named “Infectious Greed” site.

Also noted Kedrosky ominously:

Hedge funds, unbeknownst to most people, are actually now havens for geeks and software sorts, with all the consequences you might expect, from Moore’s Law’s power, to the potential for catastrophic system failures. … And what does that make hedge-fund managers? It makes them Wall Street’s hackers–technology-fueled usurpers of the financial status quo.”

Yipes, pretty scary, which is kind of sexy again!

In any case, our deeply unsexy D: All Things Digital (unless you consider a demo of Microsoft’s Surface coffee table enticing) welcomes Paul to the conference game.

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