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Attack of the Vice Presidents at Facebook

While everyone has been focusing on the management roundelays at Yahoo this week, with President Sue Decker’s announcement of changes in the company’s ranks (here is my translation of her memo), the good folks over at Facebook have been quietly fine-tuning their titles.

So we are all up to date, here is the new–and much more helpful–Facebook page on top management.

And it seems now that all the executives at the hotter-than-ever social-networking company have become simple vice presidents (although some get extra titles, too).

While some were already VPs, it appears to all be part of a novel attempt at title deflation that is kind of admirable. No EVPs or SVPs or presidents or anything else.

While too many of the execs appear to be in charge of operations of some sort, it feels a bit clearer than before. And it definitely positions all the execs on the exact same level (almost like some commune!).

This was all set in motion, of course, with the recent downgrade in title of COO Owen Van Natta.

Of course, there is one who rules above all with the big title: Chief Executive Officer and Founder Mark Zuckerberg or, as I plan to call him when I see him next, the Man.

So, after the jump, is that skinny with pictures, of course, which is slightly different than when I posted my own Facebook of Facebook execs:


Mark Zuckerberg remains CEO and founder.


Owen Van Natta was COO and is now vice president of operations and chief revenue officer.


Chamath Palihapitiya is now vice president of product marketing and operations.


Matt Cohler is now vice president of strategy and operations.


Gideon Yu is now vice president and chief financial officer (and I like to call him Death Cat, too, because he is like that cat named Oscar for his unusual ability to get a sweet job at the hot Web company of the moment at just the right time).


Dustin Moskovitz is now co-founder and vice president of engineering.


Adam D’Angelo is now vice president and chief technology officer.

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