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D & AllThingsD.com: The Reality Show


Sure, we’re not Laguna Beach and we’re not going to eat slimy bugs and we have no Tim Gunn and we’re definitely not going to do any ballroom dancing. (Well, maybe a waltz now and then.)

But I got such a good response to the movie I made about my home-based office for the AllThingsD.com site and also the D: All Things Digital conference (though I suspect it was the addition of singer Jill Sobule to the video that made it work), that I thought: Why not just egregiously take every aspect of our start-up experience and use it to feed the blog beast?

Oops, let me rephrase that more cogently: We’re experimenting with radical transparency here, showing you traditional media company types trying really hard to digitize their work and livelihoods and commit great journalism in the process.

We have already posted all the interviews and demos from D5 on the site, which I am highlighting daily, because we think–despite the conference being a tough ticket to get–that it’s important to deliver our content to as many people as possible and however they like it.

So we’re here on this site. And in email and RSS. And now on Facebook. And soon to be on iTunes and YouTube and who knows where else? Thank goodness we haven’t widgetized ourselves yet–like USA Today announced yesterday, but we’re open to all kinds of options.

Given that I wasn’t shooting video at nascent stages of the site or the conference–although I did several video posts behind the scenes at D5 in May that are also reposted below–I thought I would introduce you to the crew at our first annual D/ATD BBQ and Rodeo event.

Not much happens in this first episode, although you can meet the team D. But keep hoping for a future catfight between the Johns (Paczkowski and Sullivan) on our staff over email names or perhaps a major meltdown from Lia Lorenzano-Kennett over what kind of scones to serve at D6 breakfast or perhaps a staged smackdown between me and Valleywag’s Owen Thomas.

And maybe the creation of even some new forms of high-standards reporting and analysis will be depicted, delivered in innovative ways. We hope so.

Sorry if I get a bit too party-swirly with the shooting (vertigo anyone?), but I am testing out the new version of my tiny video camera. So hold on, it might be a bumpy ride!

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