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A Tale of Two Parties in Silicon Valley, Part 1: Tony Schmoozing at August Capital

There’s is nothing lovelier than a sun-dappled summer night, terrific food and drinks and a giant gathering of khaki-wearing venture capitalists.

OK, strike that last one, but the valet parking was nice.

Last night, it was hearty partying in Silicon Valley, with two big events that attracted the digerati in numbers. Tech folks, for all their earnest seriousness about changing the world, like nothing better than schmoozing (and, last night, bellyaching about the iPhone price cut).

That was all to be found at the luxe affair thrown by August Capital at their even more luxe offices in the heart of Sand Hill Road last evening after work. It has long been one of the industry’s favorite events.

This is your quintessential top-line Silicon Valley party–heavy on VCs talking deals, entrepreneurs sucking up to them and also reps from big acquiring companies like eBay and Google and a passel of press drinking mojitos and being alternately snarky and annoying. Not so trendy, as the later iLike bash, but classic tech festivities.

Ah, it’s a grand life here.

But see for yourself:

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