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Two GigaOm Shows: Andreessen, Gadgets, Long Tail and a Charming Microsoft Dude

However we missed a week of posting the GigaOm Show on Revision3 escapes us–it had something to do with tequila and Britney Spears, but we are foggy on the exact details.

Nonetheless, here are two for the price of one (and, by price, we mean free) for your techie enjoyment.

Last month, Om Malik and his co-host, Joyce Kim, interviewed a bunch of folks while attending the TechCrunch40 conference, including the tracksuit-wearing, shaved-head-sporting Marc Andreessen (don’t get us wrong, we like the look). Also, extreme wonkery with Engadget guys and Chris Anderson of Wired on his book-worthy newest theory.

Then, it’s onto Dan’l Lewin, Microsoft’s go-to guy in Silicon Valley.

I have always thought Lewin was quite a charmer comparatively speaking (to most at Microsoft, that is, and not bad in general).

Watch carefully, as he is working as hard as he can to brush off the GoogleFacebookYouTube mindshare monster. Also, Lewin says exactly zero about Microsoft’s intentions toward Facebook.

Is it just me or does it seem exactly one million years ago when Microsoft was considered the scary Bigfoot?

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