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AOL France Sings the Layoff Blues Away

You might not have seen this video, which was made by employees at AOL France’s office after layoffs of 2,000 workers were announced last week (a story we broke here).

But you should. Even with sad news like this, it’s nice to see the spirit here and it is nicer still to have the Internet around to distribute this gem.

But to see the video, you need to put in the password in the box below: aollover.

Also, for those who don’t know French, the sign in front of which the lively group is singing (in both French and English–Franglais!) at the end reads: For Rent.

Even Burns and Smithers might enjoy the irony.

By the way, while we asked for an interview with Burns, um, AOL CEO Randy Falco, our deft–although some might call it snarky–decoding of his layoff memo probably did us in. But Falco did talk to the Washington Post about the layoffs.

Money quote: “It’s hard for employees to grasp everything we’re trying to do; it’s hard on everyone. But it’s necessary if there’s going to be an AOL in the future.”

For now, at least, we’ll refrain from trying to figure out exactly what AOL in the future will be.

L’amour a la francaise from pyc on Vimeo.

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— Author Tim Kreider on not getting paid for one’s work