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Day 99: The (Swisher) Boys Are Back and There's Going to Be Trouble–If Mom Doesn't Get Lunch With Jerry Yang

Can you believe it? DAY 99!

Yes, this is the day before the last full day of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang’s 100-day No-Sacred-Cows Vision Quest, which BoomTown has been keeping relentless track of, ever since he told investors in the summer that he was undertaking a top-to-bottom look at his troubled company and that all holy bovines had better watch out.

So far though, in terms of truly dramatic change, it’s Cows: 99, Yang: 0.


Sure, Yahoo has done some acquiring, like the $350 million purchase of emailer Zimbra; it has dumped some tiny products (music stuff, for example); there have been more management reorgs and departures (the latest being marketing head Cammie Dunaway, news of which we broke here); and recent third-quarter earnings have been touted as they-weren’t-as-bad-as-we-thought-they-would-be, which does not exactly set one’s hair on fire.

But no massive cuts, no major management upheavals, no drastic shift in business, no game-changing purchases and no being acquired either.

Then again, there’s still one more day to go!

For Yang, it seems, time flies when you’re not having fun.

At a recent gathering related to Yahoo’s Right Media acquisition, he noted: “It is a lonely job in the sense that you have to make some of the tough calls.”

Did he say lonely? Does he not know yet that BoomTown is at the ready to assuage Yang’s ennui and have a lively lunch, if only he would emerge from the cave he has been living in?

Plus, kids could benefit, if you help BoomTown in the October Tech Blogger Challenge for DonorsChoose.org.

So, click on through to our AllThingsD page on DonorsChoose.org here to give early and often!

The charity funds classroom projects in high-need public schools, using the Web to match teacher project requests with donors. (AllThingsD.com picked tech projects in both San Francisco and Washington, D.C.)

Besides raising funds for kids who need it, we also hope to win an award Yahoo is sponsoring for the tech blogger who garners the biggest number of donors–a free lunch with Yang!

So far, we’ve raised $12,291 from 49 donors, putting us second behind VC Fred Wilson in the tech sector.

So go now to our AllThingsD page on DonorsChoose.org here or use the thermometer on the left side of this page to give early and often!

Not convinced by me? Then listen to my persuasive sons, who tout the charity again (here is their last appearance, engineered by their shameless mother).

Here’s the video:

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