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Happy Halloween, BoomTowners! (Be Scared, Jerry Yang, Be Very Scared!)

Well, it is the last day of the October Tech Blogger Challenge for DonorsChoose.org.

And it looks like that wily VC Fred Wilson will walk away with it, unless those $15-billion babies–and, by that, we actually are making a comparison to a real baby–over at Facebook take pity on BoomTown and hand over some of those MicroBucks!


But we’re solidly in the No. 2 spot with 52 donors and almost $13,000 raised.

So, click on through to our AllThingsD page on DonorsChoose.org here to give on the last day!

The charity funds classroom projects in high-need public schools, using the Web to match teacher project requests with donors. (AllThingsD picked tech projects in both San Francisco and Washington, D.C.)

Besides raising funds for kids who need it, we also had hoped to win an award Yahoo is sponsoring for the blogger who garners the biggest number of donors–a free lunch with CEO Jerry Yang!

And here’s a spooky little video for Yang, in the hopes that haunting will finally scare him into sharing a pesto pizza with us. We swear we’re a friendly ghost, Jerry!


So go now to our AllThingsD page on DonorsChoose.org here or use the thermometer on the left side of this page to give!

Here’s the video:

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Nobody was excited about paying top dollar for a movie about WikiLeaks. A film about the origins of Pets.com would have done better.

— Gitesh Pandya of BoxOfficeGuru.com comments on the dreadful opening weekend box office numbers for “The Fifth Estate.”