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Jerry's Lunch Partners: BoomTown Not Invited

Big prolonged sigh.

We tried but failed to capture the coveted lunch with Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, which was part of the October Tech Blogger Challenge for DonorsChoose.org.


Major lunchroom snub!

Tomato Nation’s Sarah Bunting ran away with the overall competition by raising more than $100,000 from almost 1,100 donors and promising to dress up like a giant tomato (a genius move that should have occurred to us!).

In the tech arena, VC Fred Wilson bested us–despite our best efforts that included the use of BoomTown’s progeny as props in shameless videos over the course of the competition–by raising $18,538 from 92 donors.

Still, we were second in the money category with $12,199 from 52 donors, impacting 1,940 students.

According to Yahoo’s blog Yodel Anecdotal, both Bunting and Wilson will be awarded lunch with Yang (he only had to have it with Bunting, but our aggressive efforts in the tech area inspired Yahoo to offer lunch to Wilson too, pretty much because he is not us!). Why this very lively corporate blog has such a goofy name shall be a topic for another day.


To recap: DonorsChoose.org funds classroom projects in high-need public schools, using the Web to match teacher project requests with donors. (AllThingsD picked tech projects in both San Francisco and Washington, D.C.)

Besides raising funds for kids who need it, we also had hoped to win an award Yahoo is sponsoring for the blogger who garners the biggest number of donors–a free lunch with CEO Jerry Yang!

Lunch or not, we’re thrilled our hunger spurred more giving to needy kids.

So we’ll be leaving up our page there for you to keep giving. Click to go to our AllThingsD page on DonorsChoose.org here or use the thermometer on the left side of this page to give! There are still 11 projects that need funding, so give, you overpaid techies!

And, Jerry, we still aren’t done with you yet! BoomTown likes to have a bite, as you know, and we shall have our meal in the Yahoo cafeteria one way or another!


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