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Writers' Strike Videos on YouTube (Of Course)

Since they’re fighting with the studios over being paid for content that is moving to the Internet, why shouldn’t the Writers Guild of America put up some choice user-generated content on the Web?

United Hollywood is a nifty Web site chronicling the strike in a blog and video, and it also has a page on YouTube.

After all, why shouldn’t people whose work is often ripped off on the site use it for their own benefit too?

Here’s a video of the writers of “The Office,” who are as goofy as you might expect, but who make cogent arguments about why they should share in the Internet wealth:

And how much do we love the chant, “How greedy can you get, they won’t even share the Net,” with “Grey’s Anatomy” cast member Sandra Oh carrying a picket sign? As much as we like donuts, that’s how much!

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