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EG: The Entertainment Gathering Was, Well, Entertaining

Here’s a video I made, which is a pastiche of scenes from a very interesting conference I attended last week in Los Angeles at the Getty Center called EG or Entertainment Gathering.


Originally created by legendary conference impresario Richard Saul Wurman (who named our D conference, in fact), the first EG took place two years ago nearby. And for the second one last week, Wurman handed the baton over to MIT professor Michael Hawley, who offered up about 50 unusual presenters.

To give you an idea of the eclecticism, here’s a video of the lovely Getty; the brass band that opened the conference; shell art; a speech by Wurman; some piano playing by Hawley; former Microsoftie Nathan Myhrvold making VP Dick Cheney “cute” (no easy task!); Royal Calligrapher to Queen Elizabeth II Donald Jackson teaching the audience some moves; some amazing pictures of real snowflakes; “Heroes” creator Tim Kring talking about the intersection of television and the Internet; and a bracing violin piece.

Like I said, very interesting:

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