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A New Look for AllThingsD.com: We Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!


Because this is the fast-moving Web and we are a bunch of hip, hopping hep cats, we’re doing some renovation to the AllThingsD.com site and also turbocharging the Voices section too.

The site is still powered by those lovely folks over at WordPress and keeps the amazing style created by the truly intelligent designers over at San Francisco’s Mule Design Studio. And it is still all free, all the time.

But, on Monday, as if by magic–the magic of our Web genius Adam Tow, that is–we will have moved the digital furniture around on our front page, adding our occasional Tech Top 10 every day by our own John Sullivan and also a featured daily video.

And we will be rearranging all the pieces–BoomTown, John Paczkowski’s Digital Daily, Walt Mossberg‘s many columns (including Katherine Boehret’s Mossberg Solution) and Voices–to make it prettier and easier to use, in our ongoing attempts to give readers more, more, more.

And who doesn’t want more? Those grumpy folks who are never satisfied, that’s who (and you know who you are and so does BoomTown and how we wish you would just learn to live, live, live and join our noisy circus, which is what you know you want to do)!

We think even the glummest of the glum will like our new iteration of our Voices section–which we have admittedly not paid enough attention to since our spring launch. All that will change, as we try to provide you with new viewpoints from important players around the Internet every day.

Culling from the mountains of content from the Internet, we’ll be pointing to lots of tech and media posts, videos, graphs and cartoons from the most interesting and reliable sources to bring you information you need to know about.

No soulless algorithms here–we’ll try to choose the best stuff for our readers, to give them what they need to be fully informed, all with the kind of taste and high standards all Dow Jones properties aim for.

Plus, we will be soliciting and publishing more quality original blogs too–in text and video–from the top echelons of the digital industry, trying to bring the same sort of high-level debate and insights that we present annually at the D: All Things Digital conference.

What else? Well, we’ll be adding more information about our crack D and ATD staffs on the About Us pages.

And we’ll be bringing you extensive and sassy coverage by our team in 2008 from exciting upcoming tech and media industry events like the Consumer Electronics Show, MacWorld and Sundance, to name a few.

Of course, there is more stuff to come soon, but we’ll keep it to ourselves, as we don’t want this exciting news to turn into Geeks Gone Wild.

Well, maybe just a little bit–here’s that great Maria Sharapova “I Feel Pretty” video for Nike that we so love and for which we thank the universe for providing to us via the miracle of the Internet:

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