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A Renovation for AllThingsD.com!

As you can probably see today, we have rejiggered the look of the front page of our AllThingsD.com site, as well as turbocharged our Voices section.

We hope you like it.


So what’s new? Find out after the jump!

First, the photo heads of Walt Mossberg and I on the front page have been greatly reduced–and please, we know the jokes you could make, so let’s move on quickly, shall we?–in order to move the mug of Senior News Editor John Paczkowski and also his most excellent Digital Daily column up to the top too.

Paczkowski–or, as we like to call him, “Patches”–does an amazing job in both text and video of analyzing the day’s important tech stories with both insight and humor.

Sometimes using puppets! And those patented arched eyebrows! All kidding aside, Paczkowski has many fans all over the Web and deserves as much prominence as we can give him.

Second, we have added a regular new daily feature, an obligatory list called the Tech Top 10, which is compiled and written by our lovely Associate Editor John Sullivan. A geek-in-training, Sullivan will point readers all over the Web to the most important tech and media stories of the day, updating it as news breaks.

Third, we’ve added video–the kids love video, we hear–to the front page, which will rotate depending on what the latest video we post–from Digital Daily, BoomTown, Walt Mossberg or wherever–might be.

Fourth, on both the front page and inside the section, we hope you like our souped-up Voices, which we know has been much too quiet since our launch. Now, it is a veritable blabfest!

To accomplish this, we are pointing daily to many tech and media articles and blogs all over the Web, featuring great posts, videos, cartoons and graphics that we think you need to know about.

As I said before, no soulless algorithms here, as our editors try to choose stuff we think is amazing, challenging, controversial or just plain fun.

Our goal is to give those interested in tech and media all the information they need to be fully informed, all with the kind of taste and high standards all Dow Jones properties aim for.

As I also noted before, we will also be soliciting and publishing more quality original blogs too–in text and video–from the top echelons of the digital industry, trying to bring the same sort of high-level debate and insights that we present annually at the D: All Things Digital conference.

Fifth, you can learn more about the terrific (and growing) staff that is responsible for both D and AllThingsD.com on the refurbished About Us pages.

In addition to the staffers we have featured since our April 2007 launch, now meet Adam Tow, Christine Mohan, Jill Pendergast, Natalie Fonseca, Meg Burns and my long-suffering assistant Ed Daly (who better be snappy with that coffee this morning or my holiday cheer will turn ugly fast).

As I said, we hope you like it and there will be even more stuff to come soon, to keep you coming back for more.

That includes new tools too, to let you get our content anywhere you like, such as a new way to put your RSS feed from the site on your My Yahoo! page.

Can a juvenile Facebook widget be far away? I think not, if those slackers at RockYou get cracking!

Big thanks for the changes go to our whole staff, but especially to the Web savant Adam Tow, without whom, well, we’d be techless.

(Yes, I completely made that word up.)

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