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Kara Visits CES: Gadgetfest and Gondolas!

Digital Daily’s John “Patches” Paczkowski and I continued our trek through the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show and the neon streets of Las Vegas last night, even though we ended up in the fake daylight of fake Venice by the end of the evening.

Here’s a video of a bunch of companies showing at CES, which we checked out at the ShowStoppers demo event, including those offering text voicemail, a tracker for kids, dogs and the aging, an air-Guitar Hero, an overpetted animatronic dummy and an inexplicable beer dispenser.

We also finally ran into the man we like to called “Brangelina of CES,” because this is his town this week–also known as Walt Mossberg and our revered co-kahuna of this site. Later today, we will be following Walt around the floor of CES, which should make for an interesting video.

Until then, enjoy this one:

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