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iPhoning It In?


The annual love-in to All Things Steve Jobs, oops, we mean Apple, opens this week in San Francisco. Of course, the punditry is in high gear over what precious object his iHoliness will pull out of his pocket in 2008.

Or, apparently this year, out of the air, which is some sort of super-duper-double-secret-probation object or service–revealed on an Apple banner spotted at the Moscone Center (see below)–that is supposed to send Apple’s legions of fanboys into their annual tizzy at the Macworld Conference & Expo.


Last year, of course, that meant near-nirvana, as Jobs unveiled the iPhone at the event, as he foisted the instantly iconic object upward in front of the ecstatic crowd.

But, given the game-changing nature of the iPhone, the excitement deserved its leap into the mainstream and even its ultra-hyped and never-ending rollout.

Naturally, that is a near impossible act to follow, so one wonders how jazzed Jobs can make his legions of followers AiP (After iPhone) when he delivers his keynote tomorrow.

Rumors run the gamut from a small portable computer aimed at road warriors and those with money to burn to a new iteration of Apple TV with more Hollywood deals attached to iTunes movie rentals to more and better for the iPhone.

Until then, check out our new favorite video on one person’s very funny guess of what is to come:

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