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MicroHoo: BoomTown's Got Nothing


It’s quiet out there. Too quiet.

Actually, not so much, but it is only more of the same of what BoomTown already reported Friday.

To summarize: Takeover talks between Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT) are ongoing to buy all (Yahoo’s preference for the right price) or parts of the company (what Microsoft wants).

Shareholders hope for some resolution, but it might take longer than this weekend.

Of course, discussions between Yahoo and Google (GOOG) for a search-ad outsourcing deal are also still on the back burner.

But, despite the it’ll-pass-regulatory-muster noise from Google’s honchos last week, many inside the company are on the fence about the deal, mostly because of its impact on Google’s burgeoning image as a too-powerful company in Washington, D.C.

Not that that’ll stop the Googlers, who would dearly like to stick it to Microsoft at any opportunity.

No matter what, everyone will be watching for some sort of resolution in the coming week.

And, if not, at least there is likely to be some indication of the next wrinkle on stage at our sixth D: All Things Digital this week, with interview sessions with Microsoft’s Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer tomorrow night and Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang and President Sue Decker on Wednesday afternoon.

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