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Yesterday, writing about executive stress at Yahoo, BoomTown posted about the swirling speculation around the fate of Jeff Weiner, the Network division EVP, who many at Yahoo (YHOO) think will soon be headed out the door after his recent paternity leave of four weeks.

As we wrote, Weiner plans to come back next Monday from that sojourn–well, for first-time parents, this roughly translates as the land-of-no-sleep–although he is likely to leave the company within weeks.

The paidContent site, in flagging our report, noted that “we’re being cautioned from within Yahoo not to leap to conclusions–that it wouldn’t be shocking if he decides to ratchet back and get some more family time or if he feels like the leave offered enough of a break to merit sticking around.”

But it’s Yahoo top brass, apparently well aware of Weiner’s intentions, who are going to have to stretch to get him to stay.

Several sources in Silicon Valley’s voluble venture community confirm the high-ranking exec has been offered and seems likely to accept a spot splitting his time as an executive in residence at two firms–Accel Partners and Greylock Partners.

Both firms are the home of several former Yahoos and also are deeply invested in the Web 2.0 consumer market, including each having a stake in Facebook.

Such an alternative might be a perfect aerie and rest stop for the energetic exec who came to Yahoo with former CEO and Chairman Terry Semel in 2001, when the company was in its last period of turmoil.

While leaving now might seem like another instance of Yahoo’s brain drain, BoomTown surmises it might just be time for Weiner–who was one of the more unlikely execs to stay around if the takeover attempt by Microsoft (MSFT) was successful anyway–to move on and try new things.

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