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Kara Visits the Yahoo Annual Meeting!

BoomTown was blogging so manically from the Yahoo annual meeting, which took place in San Jose on Friday, I plum forgot to load up the video I did there.

No video was allowed inside the meeting or anywhere near it, by the way. So rather than getting beaten senseless by the squads of purple-clad Yahoo (YHOO) minions of CEO Jerry Yang, I decided to pocket my Flip camera for part of it.

But, afterwards, I did a very interesting interview with shareholder activist Eric Jackson, who has been beating on Yahoo for awhile.

To no avail, for now. As it turned out, Yang and the Yahoo board sailed out of the meeting pretty much intact, despite all the hubbub of this past year, from the company’s weakened performance to the full-frontal bid attack by Microsoft (MSFT).

Here is the video (and apologies for saying “board” meeting in several places in the video, rather than “annual” meeting):

Also, here are my liveblogging posts from the meeting, in time order:

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