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Microsoft: No Digital Head Yet, But Should It Strike Again at Yahoo's?

Once burnt, twice shy?

I suppose that’s the reason Microsoft is not loaded for bear and headed back down to Sunnyvale to make another play for Yahoo right now.

Not even after Jerry Yang orchestrated activist investor Carl Icahn’s defenestration, by inviting him on the board at Yahoo (YHOO), where he will be 100 percent silenced.

Not even after the stranger-than-fiction shareholder vote miscount (oops–we thought no meant yes!).

Not even after Yahoo stock’s consistent flirting-with-the-teens price.

Not even after its second-quarter results made it clear that it’ll be an uphill battle for Yahoo management to achieve the aggressive financial plans outlined when the Internet company was fending off Microsoft’s takeover bid.

So while opportunity is surely knocking for Microsoft (MSFT), especially if it wants to reach its stated goal of competing with Google (GOOG) in the online space, the software giant prefers not to answer the door right now.

Sources close to Microsoft’s thinking say the company is waiting for the right time, when Yahoo’s stock price is even lower and when Wall Street completely gives up on management, to figure out the next move.

Instead of acting, according to sources, and taking more flak for those actions, the whole brain trust up there is taking a breather and biding its time.

(In fact, many top Microsoft execs are on vacation, which is why August is a good time for Yang–who is himself headed to China for the Olympics–not to worry about a hostile attack.)

The strategy? Sitting in the grass–waiting, watching and making plans.

But, in truth, Microsoft cannot really make plans–except for the vague we’ll-keep-coming-and-coming in the online search and display business motto–until it decides the best way to reach its intended goals.

The first order of business, of course, remains the selection of a digital czar, which was promised by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer after top exec Kevin Johnson quit unexpectedly several weeks ago.

As BoomTown previously reported, the top inside contender is SVP Brian McAndrews, who came to Microsoft via its pricey $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive.

And Microsoft’s future-of-software guru Ray Ozzie remains a favorite choice of the troops.

But, sources said, Ballmer is still interested in a possible high-profile outsider coming in to shake things up.

The problem is, most such execs see the job for what it is–a potential tar baby that will only muck their careers up and produce no easy victories.

“Who wants the headache?,” said one outside exec who has been contacted by Microsoft. “While there might be upside there, the downside is much more significant.”

Thus, sitting very still for now might, indeed, be Microsoft’s best choice. It certainly is a lot less messy.

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