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Kara (and Walt) Visit DEMOfall!

Walt Mossberg and BoomTown are in San Diego for DEMOfall, which is one of two big tech start-up demo conferences taking place this week (the other is TechCrunch50 in San Francisco).

At both conferences, a passel of start-ups come to show off their wares to an audience of media, venture capitalists and one other.

The big focus at DEMOfall this year has been on social networking, mobile technology and cloud computing–three of the big Web 2.0 trends–although I liked the company that can make a stolen cellphone sound like a really annoying car alarm.

Walt and I also appeared here this afternoon onstage in what was called “Head-to-Head,” a feature we hope to debut on this site soon.

Essentially, the idea is to discuss and debate the top tech issues of the moment, although it was not meant to be a wrestling match between Walt and me (perish the thought!).

Thus, we interviewed each other–much as we do tech leaders on the stage of our D: All Things Digital conference.

Yesterday’s topics included the Google new Chrome browser, the growing power of the search giant, business prospects for social networking and the future of cellphones.

(I also did a decent impression of Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, but that’s another story.)

It will all eventually be available on DEMOfall’s Web site soon, but here’s my video about the conference so far:

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