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The Entire D6 Demo of evri

We’re posting all the interviews from the sixth D: All Things Digital conference that took place in late May.

Unfortunately, due to issues too complicated to go into, we have to post all the D6 interviews in several 15-minute parts (I know, I know).

But–as many readers have requested–they will all be available in their entirety in this column.

In the less contentious spirit of DEMOfall and TechCrunch50, two demo conferences taking place simultaneously this week, we’re happy to bring you all the demos we had onstage at D6.

Next up is evri, the semantic Web guide start-up, which is backed by billionaire techie Paul Allen.

There are two videos showing the whole demo below.

In the first one, evri Founder Neil Roseman talks about the application that graphs the Web via grammatical information. He uses it to discover info about and people related to Sen. Barack Obama, for example, which is done in a “horizontal” manner. He somehow ends up at “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker.

In the second, Roseman finds content about Walt Mossberg and me, as well as celebrity Rachael Ray, and talks about the business plan and inspiration for evri.

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