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Liveblogging From Yahoo's "Open House": Sexy Email and Barbara Mandrell!

Okay, BoomTown arrived late to Yahoo’s media event this morning to show off its “open” strategies across its properties (I had a most excellent excuse in that it was my youngest son’s very first day of school).

So, walking in, it was kind of jarring to hear Yahoo Media Group head Scott Moore talking about an email demo that had preceded his presentation–and which he had missed himself–about adding social elements.

“I always think of the media properties as the sexy [part of Yahoo],” said Moore. “But that kind of made mail sexy.”

Sexy email! Yahoo is saved!

Well, the jury is still out on that.

But it was nice to see Yahoo execs actually talking about the various products they’re working on at the troubled company rather than seeing them hide away in fear of questions about proxy fights and hostile takeovers.

That has, of course, been the only story of Yahoo (YHOO) for far too long–about corporate and management turmoil, as well as worrisome stock declines.

Because of that, it is obviously in Yahoo’s best interests to change the narrative and talk about the product innovations it is making to reinvigorate itself.

Thus, Moore (pictured here) showed off a new look for Yahoo’s news properties, including substantially more third-party content integration and interchangeable modules.

It’s not a new idea, by any stretch, but it looks like a good change.

“Our users are in control,” said Moore. “We’re not doing this open thing because it is the flavor of the month.”

Added Moore, co-opting the famous line from country singer Barbara Mandrell: “We were open before open was cool.”

Sexy! Well, not really, but nice try!

Next up, Yahoo U.S. EVP Hilary Schneider on open in advertising and the Google (GOOG) deal.

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