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The Entire D6 Gh.os.t Demo

We’re posting all the interviews from the sixth D: All Things Digital conference that took place in late May.

Unfortunately, due to issues too complicated to go into, we have to post all the D6 interviews in several 15-minute parts (I know, I know).

But–as many readers have requested–they will all be available in their entirety in this column.

In the less contentious spirit of DEMOfall and TechCrunch50, two demo conferences taking place simultaneously this week, we’re happy to bring you all the demos we had onstage at D6.

Last, but not least: the G.ho.st Web operating system, which lets users access their desktops from any computer with an Internet connection and is also a joint technology venture between Israelis and Palestinians.

The video of the G.ho.st demo is in two parts.

In part one, CEO Zvi Schreiber shows off the “Global Hosted Operating System,” which is hosted by Amazon, yet another if the many attempts to make cloud computing real.

In part two, Zvi goes over the various features and applications of the G.ho.st product and discusses the business plan and how the Israeli-Palestinian collaboration works.

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What’s happening is that we might, in fact, be at a time in our history where we’re being domesticated by these great big societal things, such as Facebook and the Internet. We’re being domesticated by them, because fewer and fewer and fewer of us have to be innovators to get by. And so, in the cold calculus of evolution by natural selection, at no greater time in history than ever before, copiers are probably doing better than innovators. Because innovation is extraordinarily hard.

— Mark Pagel, fellow of the Royal Society and professor of evolutionary biology, in conversation with Edge.org