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Dueling Spokesman in the Yahoogle Fight Say Exactly the Same Thing

Today, the New York Times did a thumbsucker on the fight over the controversial search advertising partnership that Yahoo and Google have struck that is opposed by Microsoft, some advertisers and, maybe soon, the Justice Department.

(Quick synopsis of the extremely obvious: Once-politically dopey Microsoft has gone all K Street, although stumbly Google is learning fast to line up its lobbying ducks too! Mayhem to ensue.)

Thank goodness then for the liveliest part, which came when the Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) talking heads squared off.

Just like the dudes pictured here. Schwiiiiing!

Sadly, there is no word from the PR person for Yahoo (YHOO), who is probably the smartest one of the three for not entering the fray.

Because, if you close yours eyes, the email messages to the Times’s reporter from the pair sound almost like the spokesmen for dueling presidential candidates and are just as illuminating (except “cacophony of concerns” is kind of a pretty turn of phrase)!

But you be the judge:

Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans:

There’s an old rule in debate: if you’re not winning on substance, talk about the process. Anyone who suggests that lobbying by one party is responsible for the overwhelming opposition to the deal simply isn’t listening to the cacophony of concerns expressed by advertisers, publishers, consumer groups, legal experts and lawmakers.

Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich:

There is no doubt that Microsoft has been the most energetic opponent of this agreement and has worked hard from behind the scenes to generate much of the opposition to this deal. But most people in Washington have dismissed those efforts as a big company simply trying to slow down its competitors.

Please see this disclosure related to me and Google.

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