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Microsoft-Funded Yahoo Run? Well, Except Without Microsoft…

How can BoomTown put it plainly?

The alleged deal being cooked up by a group of Silicon Valley investors to take a run at Yahoo using money raised from Microsoft, is little more than what we used to call a “trial balloon” when I worked at the Washington Post.

That did not stop Silicon Valley from jabbering about the latest plot twist all day, in which the TechCrunch report named no names, but carried an awful lot of water for someone looking to see the reaction to such an idea.

Because when you actually talk to sources at the wallet itself–that would be the money-laden Microsoft (MSFT)–they scoff at the notion that they would help others buy Yahoo (YHOO) in order to get at its search business.

“We can deal directly with Yahoo, which is moving through a process to get a new CEO, and when the time is right, we will deal with their leadership,” said a source close to Microsoft’s thinking. “Getting involved in some convoluted deal with others in control…it’s idiotic.”

Yahoo sources also called the idea–which has been floated numerous times to no result–silly. “I guess anyone can make a bid for the company,” said one source. “But actually doing it is another thing.”

So, here’s my official announcement that All Things Digital will be trying to buy Yahoo forthwith. Now, if I can only find that $18 billion, it is mine, all mine.

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