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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow… 3-D Digital Ski Slopes Even Cooler

Wishing I had had the foresight to head up into the Sierras in California before they finally got a ton of snow dumped on them this past week, I was fiddling around the Web looking for various ski sites as a way to approximate being there.

And, like all things in mapping, the best way to see slopes is now in 3-D, the technology that is going to become more and more prevalent on the mostly flat Internet in the years ahead–and well beyond the more obvious applications.

Along with touchscreen technologies that will come much sooner to the general computing experience, 3-D is a feature that adds amazing depth and resonance to the online experience, especially as more information is added over time.

If you don’t think so, here are two of the 23 slopes that Ski.com has up now, for example. While they do not show falling snow (yet!), click on through for a very cool experience of looking at and manipulating a mountain before schussing down it–or, in my case, tumbling down it.

Park City, Utah:


Zermatt, Switzerland:


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