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What Do Online Ad Execs Find Funny? Here’s Yahoo’s Version.

yahoo-videoDo the names Joanne Bradford, Mike Walrath, Wenda Millard and Greg Coleman mean anything to you? Do you know what pork bellies have to do with online advertising?

Then you may get a chuckle, or at least a modest smile, out of this video, prepared by Yahoo (YHOO) and shown at last week’s Interactive Advertising Bureau meeting in Orlando.

But the rest of you don’t have to go away with nothing to show for your click. I’ve added a miniglossary below the Yahoo video, so you can catch up if you care to.

And if that doesn’t do anything for you, there’s a bonus clip after that–Jimmy Fallon and Jack McBrayer, from “30 Rock,” responding to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s response to President Barack Obama’s speech last week.


Joanne Bradford: Former Microsoft (MSFT) ad exec now heading up sales for Yahoo after a brief stint at ad start-up SpotRunner.

Mike Walrath: Former CEO of Right Media, an online ad exchange snapped up by Yahoo for $720 million in 2007, when ad exchanges suddenly became must-have assets for online publishers. Now an SVP at Yahoo.

Wenda Harris Millard: Former high-profile ad exec at Yahoo, now CEO at Martha Stewart Living (MSO).

Greg Coleman: Millard’s former boss at Yahoo, now running ad sales at Time Warner’s (TWX) AOL.

Pork bellies: Shorthand for an online ad business debate, kicked off by Millard last year: She thinks that the industry’s increasing use of automated ad exchanges and networks has commodified and devalued Web marketing.

Still don’t care? OK. Here’s the Jimmy Fallon clip; his NBC show kicks off Monday night.

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