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Now THIS Is Insufferably Smug!

Last year, some British dude, a Guardian tech blogger and computer editor named Jack Schofield, called our site “insufferably smug.”


This despite the fact that he is chomping on this weirdly long pipe on his glam headshot (pictured here) and that we are the first blog listed on his “Sites We Like” list and that he always links to us, even as he calls us twits (but not in the unnaturally obsessive media-admiration-of-Twitter way).

He wrote last fall: “Sure, All Things D isn’t very good and it’s insufferably smug, but if you trash publications on those grounds you’ll soon be reduced to reading cereal boxes.”

Jump back, Jack! You can call us names and say we stink, but insulting cereal boxes is beyond the pale.

But, hey, Schofield also links, so we love him.

In other words, if we get the traffic, you can call All Things Digital anything you want–just don’t call us late for dinner.

Thus, in the spirit of April Fool’s Day, we thought we should let this blooming blighter get a photographic version of what insufferably smug truly looks like, unveiling a new “About Us” look, Sherlock Holmes-style.

Click on the image to make it larger:


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