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Yahoo's Jumpcut Pushed Off Cliff (But You Can Send Your Videos to Yahoo's Flickr!)


You could see this one coming a mile out: After telling users they could not upload new videos late last year, Yahoo is finally shutting down Jumpcut.

“This was a difficult decision to make, but it’s part of the ongoing prioritization efforts at Yahoo!,” said Jumpcut in a note to users today.

That’s code for the stylings of new CEO Carol Bartz, who is hard at work axing many of Yahoo’s similarly lagging services.

She has reportedly been readying plans to sell off Yahoo’s lackluster HotJobs employment listing service, for example. And there will surely be more to come, from the many companies Yahoo has gobbled up in the last few years and has done nothing much with.

Such as the sassy video editing service, which was bought by Yahoo in 2006 amid high hopes of the Internet giant becoming a big player in the hot online video market.

That honor, as it turned out, went to YouTube, which was more cats-on-skateboards-oriented than tools-oriented.

Yahoo (YHOO), ironically, was poised to buy YouTube in the month after it grabbed Jumpcut, until it was snatched away in a last-minute acquisition grab by Google (GOOG).

Now, Jumpcut is a wrap.

Curiously, Yahoo is making users download the videos to their computers, and then suggests they upload them to another Yahoo property, Flickr, which now allows video.

Why the company doesn’t just let people migrate the videos is probably due to the silos of tech at Yahoo, which are infamous and which the company is trying to fix.

But not today.

Thus, Jumpcut sent this note to its customers:

Dear Jumpcut user,

After careful consideration, we will be officially closing the Jumpcut.com site on June 15, 2009. This was a difficult decision to make, but it’s part of the ongoing prioritization efforts at Yahoo!

Very soon, we’ll be releasing a software utility that will allow you to download the movies you created on Jumpcut to your computer. We’ll send instructions to this email address when the download utility is available.

Once you download your movies, you may choose to upload them to another site such as Flickr, which now allows video uploads. You can find out more here: http://www.flickr.com/explore/video/

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for being a part of Jumpcut.

The Jumpcut Team

And, for a trip down memory lane to happier times, here is the memo Yahoo wrote when it bought the San Francisco start-up:

SEPTEMBER 27, 2006

Jumpcut Joins the Yahoo! Video Family

Yes it’s true!

Jumpcut just announced they’ve agreed to join us, which will make Yahoo! Video an even better place for people to create, share, and discover great video online. If you haven’t heard of Jumpcut, it’s a San Francisco-based startup that has a passionate community of users and a great suite of online video editing capabilities.

Ever since Yahoo! Research Berkeley launched the International Remixer, our interest in this space has been pretty clear–we couldn’t stop talking about how cool it is to mashup multimedia of all kinds.

So needless to say, we are very happy to have Jumpcut join the Social Media group here. They’ll be bunk-mates with Flickr, and just around the virtual corner from Delicious, and Upcoming.

Please head over to Jumpcut’s blog for the official word.

Jason Zajac
VP Social Media

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