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Blogger and Author Paul Carr Speaks!


Last week, BoomTown had a delightful lunch with sharp-witted Brit Paul Carr, part of our meet-the-blogger series in which this column endeavors to introduce you to the Web’s more lively voices.

Actually, I mostly just wanted to meet Carr, whose work always cracks me up, such as when he cleverly dissed the lack of wireless access at LeWeb, a conference in Paris last year, in his column in the Guardian: “That’s right–LeWeb was entirely without the web. Which I suppose makes it simply ‘Le.'”

Or, more recently, again writing in the Guardian about how a “meeting with the Irish Tánaiste leads to a stolen bottle of Guinness and a lesson in handling the truth” online.

Wrote Carr, quite sensibly about trouble that technology allegedly creates:

“More seriously, though, every time a scandal emerges involving the technology–be it McBride’s email or American teenagers ‘sexting’ naked photos to each other, we hear the same crap from journalists–that the web, and email and mobile phones are making everyone behave in scandalous ways they never did before…The only difference between the way humans have been behaving badly for years, and how they behave badly in the internet age is the fact that now there’s always someone else watching.”

Carr just settled in San Francisco, after a stint on the road constantly working on a new book on being a digital nomad. His previous book was titled: “Bringing Nothing To The Party: True Confessions Of A New Media Whore,” about his comically failed attempts to become an Internet billionaire.

Here’s our video interview, about all that and more:

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