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A Gathering Storm of Viral Videos on Gay Marriage!


The issue of gay marriage is always good for controversy and lots and lots of rancorous lobbying on both sides of the issue. These days, of course, that includes a battle of online videos.

A few weeks ago, a group called the National Organization for Marriage put out a striking video commercial called “A Gathering Storm.”

In it, with a backdrop of menacing clouds, a clutch of people talk about their fears about allowing gay marriage.

It has garnered 576,319 views so far.

Now, a passel of celebrities on the Funny or Die comedy Web site has released a spoof version of the NOM commercial, called “A Gaythering Storm.”

It features a “gay rain army” and a giant gay repellent umbrella. Oh, snap.

It has 440,616 views, although it just went up yesterday.

Here are both of them, so you can vote with your click. But watch both, whatever you think–and that includes you, Miss California!


Funny or Die:

Please see this disclosure related to gay marriage and me.

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