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It Won't Be Baaaaaaack: "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Canceled (But Here's a Resistance Video From John Connor!)


Big, giant and prolonged sigh–as well as a cranky-old-lady shake of the fist–to our distant cousins over at the Fox television network, who dinged BoomTown’s favorite sci-fi show, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” today.

I am officially in a Summer Glau funk, with major gadget withdrawal.

After much fake agonizing over the fate of “Sarah Connor,” Fox programmers finally stuck a fork in the series after two seasons. Loosely based on the movie franchise, the show garnered a passionate fan base online and off, but not enough to merit being renewed.

It’s ironic since the latest film in the cyborg-versus-man epic, “Terminator Salvation,” will open this Thursday.

It is the next blockbuster in a tech-heavy summer movie season, following the boffo reception that the new “Star Trek” has gotten (next up: “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”).

But the arrival of “Terminator Salvation,” with its noisy, Armageddon-is-nigh theme, could not save the more thoughtfully dark “Sarah Connor.”

Thank goodness, then, for YouTube and a very pissed-off and half-naked young actor named Thomas Dekker, who plays a teenage savior of humanity, John Connor, in the TV series.

In this perfect online video clip he did himself, the real-life (and very wild-eyed) Dekker calls Fox’s viewer comment line to express his support for the show in no uncertain terms:

Full disclosure: News Corp. (NWS) owns Fox, as well as Dow Jones, which owns this Web site.

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