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Susan's Last Stand: Internet Phenom Boyle Comes in Second


The Scottish woman who went from unknown to become the Internet’s most watched video failed to win first place in the final of the television show, “Britain’s Got Talent” this past weekend.

Instead, a noisy dance troupe called Diversity won, putting Boyle in second place.

Boyle’s chances had been diminishing over the past week, since the British tabloids have been piling on and tarnishing her fairytale reputation, reporting on odd public outbursts by her due to the pressure of her instant stardom online and off.

Their nickname for her: SuBo.

And, sadly, there are now reports that Boyle has been taken to a mental facility to get some rest and relaxation.

In any case, there’s no question Boyle’s been a treat to watch online and she deserves that time to recover from impact of the media frenzy around her.

It’s likely she’ll be singing again publicly soon–but, until then, here is her performance in the finale (and below it is Diversity, the winner):

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