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How to Lose Online Fans and Influence Nobody: A Jonas Brothers' Viral Video Falls Flat, But Facebook Live Today!


A lot of entertainers have been using the Web increasingly to promote upcoming material, so it comes as no surprise that the Jonas Brothers have turned there aggressively to do a countdown for their latest music release.

The new album, which is inexplicably called “Lines, Vines and Trying Times,” is set to debut next week on June 16.

Thus, the pop trio have been doing a lot of online promotions, such a live Facebook Webcast on their fan page today at 5 pm PDT.

And they are also posting a lot of original online videos, especially at their YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, the digital hawking includes the one below, which is due to some fan request that has landed Joe Jonas in spike heels and a leotard, doing a bizarre dance interpretation of Beyoncé’s infectious and very viral music video, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

After that video soared last fall, a lot of fans did their own versions, including a very funny spoof by Justin Timberlake, essentially doing the same gig as Jonas (except funny).

But, you be the judge.

Here are all three: Beyoncé in the original, TImberlake in the spoof (a bad version–sorry) and Joe Jonas in, well, it is hard to describe:

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