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Twitter Co-Founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams: The Full D7 Interview


As promised, we kick off posting the full sessions of the seventh D: All Things Digital conference with the interview that Walt Mossberg and I did onstage with two of the three founders of the hot microblogging service Twitter, Biz Stone and Evan Williams.

Our selection of the pair as the first interview of D7 was due to the enormous attention and, yes, hype, that the San Francisco-based start-up has received of late.

But, along with a massive funding and a frothy valuation, despite no clear business model as yet, the clear innovation of Twitter has also attracted the acquisition attention of Web giants like Facebook, Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT).

In any case, no matter what you think of its prospects, there is no question–thanks be to Oprah–they’ve become the latest It boys of Silicon Valley.

Williams and Stone talked about all this and more in the interview, as well as how they plans to make money eventually, the impact of real-time search and where they see the social networking going.

We also got them to react to a video of my mother questioning the point of the service, which tracked on some polling we also did about Twitter.

Here’s the video of entire session:

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