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Search Market: Same as It Ever Was

More sad data points in Microsoft’s Sisyphean battle for the search market.

J.P. Morgan’s Imran Khan offered an early look at market researcher comScore’s May 2009 core search volume and market share metrics for the U.S. this afternoon (to be publicly released tomorrow) and they show what search metrics always seem to show these days: Google’s share of the domestic market growing at the expense of its rivals (click on tables below to enlarge).

According to comScore (SCOR), Google’s (GOOG) share of the domestic search market rose to 65 percent in May, up from 64.2 percent in April. Its core search volume grew 42.5 percent, far exceeding the 40.6 growth in posted in the month prior. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s (YHOO) domestic core search market share slipped a bit, falling to 20.1 percent in May from 20.4 percent in April. Its core search volume for the month grew by 29.5 percent, down from 39.3 percent.

And what of Microsoft (MSFT)? It, too, suffered a decline. Its share of the domestic core search market fell to eight percent in May from 8.2 percent in April. Core search growth was also down at 24.9 percent from 25.7 percent in April. Clearly, Microsoft is still struggling to gain purchase in the search market. But, while these data don’t yet show it, Microsoft may have found some traction. As I noted last week, Bing has been generating a fair bit of interest, and that bodes well for some improvement in its position in the search market.



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