Liberty Media Chairman John Malone: The Full D7 Session

As many already know, John Malone has been a cable legend since he first ran Tele-Communications Inc. back in the early 1970s. His influence put most cable channels on the map and his forceful business skills willed cable into becoming a key consumer medium for entertainment and news. Malone talked about that experience onstage at the seventh D: All Thing Digital conference and how it mirrors what is going on now as more content is being distributed on the Internet. You should listen, because Malone is a genuine media pioneer who could teach Web players a thing or two.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz: The Full D7 Session (Unexpurgated!)

Yes, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz did indeed drop the F-bomb on BoomTown quite expertly in an onstage interview at the seventh D: All Things Digital conference recently–and, yes, it was both expected and enjoyable. (In this picture, she is clearly trying to hypnotize me with her stare.) But that’s not all the voluble leader of the long-troubled Internet company said in what was a sassy, funny and very lively session at D7, where she talked about a lot of topics, from Microsoft to Google to the state of the advertising market in the weak economy.

AT&T: For Those of You Just Joining Us, iPhone 3G S Available Tomorrow

“iPhone 3G S Available at AT&T Tomorrow.” That’s the title of the press release that just landed in my inbox–even as the lines form in New York City and Tokyo. Never hurts to state the obvious, I suppose.

RIM Takes a Trip to the Woodshed

Good apparently isn’t good enough for RIM investors. The BlackBerry maker reported earnings for its first fiscal quarter that rose 33 percent to $3.42 billion on strong sales. And while that was in line with the Street’s $3.41 billion consensus estimate, the company’s shares slipped nearly five percent in after-hours trading.


Broadcom: Charter Equity Turns Bullish; Cites Nokia Deal

Charter Equity Research analyst Edward Snyder today lifted his rating on Broadcom to Buy from Market Perform. In his research note, Snyder said he expects to see an increase this fall in the company’s revenue from the wireless segment as volumes rise in shipments of EDGE system-on-a-chip components to Nokia for its low-end phones.

Siriusly Disappointing

Just How Much Search Share Does Twitter Really Have?

Twitter notched yet another milestone yesterday when it finally showed up on comScore’s index of Web search milestones. The catch: It barely registered, pulling down a search share of just 0.001 percent. But I’m sure that comScore is missing the majority of Twitter’s searches. So what’s the real number?


GOOG: Credit Suisse Ups Ests; But Sees Dings From Bing

Credit Suisse analyst Spencer Wang this morning repeated his Outperform rating on Google, while increasing his price target on the stock to $475, from $400. He also lifted EPS estimates on the company: for Q2, he now sees $4.99, up from $4.48. For the full year, he goes to $21.07, from $19.78.

iPhone 3G S Sales Forecast: Half a Million Sold This Weekend

How many iPhone 3G S handsets will Apple sell this weekend? The answer: 500,000, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, who says early sales will be slower than those of the 3G thanks to a dramatic change in value proposition and a launch limited to eight countries.


Iranians Using Tor to Anonymize Web Use

As the Iranian government continues a cat-and-mouse game of limiting or blocking access to social networking sites, instant messaging, cellphone service and the Internet in general, citizens and onlookers keep developing workarounds to help protesters stay online.

IBM: The "M" Stands for "Mobility"