Exclusive: Yahoo Working on Major Brand Overhaul (Pretty Please, No More Yodeling!)

In what many sources at the company said is a major push, Yahoo is working on a massive plan to overhaul its brand in order to repair a damaged public image and focus consumers on what defines Yahoo. The effort is being spearheaded by newly installed Chief Marketing Officer Elisa Steele, who has hired well-known brand consulting firm Landor Associates, as well as an outside consultant named Penny Baldwin, who was a former top exec at brand and ad giant Young & Rubicam.

New Mac Laptops Use Batteries Sealed for Power

More electronic products are being designed with their rechargeable batteries sealed inside. Walt Mossberg tests two new Apple laptops with higher-capacity, sealed-in batteries.

BoomTown's Top 10 List of Fact-Challenged Revelations That Should Be in the Facebook Tell-All Book

How much is BoomTown and everyone else in Silicon Valley trying to nab a copy of Ben Mezrich’s likely-to-be-entirely-made-up-but-who-cares tale of dirty doings at Facebook? Muchety-much! But, so far I have come up peanuts in grabbing an early copy of the work of “fact”-ion–titled “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal”–which is set to come out July 14, along with a movie later. Facebook is not pleased, of course, and will likely be challenging Mezrich’s work as specious dreck, but here’s my own list of 10 completely made-up, utterly fabricated, just-call-me-Jayson-Blair facts that should be in the book.

Scripps, Rainbow Join the Authentication Bandwagon

Comcast was mum about other cable networks it has persuaded to join its “OnDemand Online” program, which will offer TV shows over the Web to its customers. But word is getting out anyway. The people who bring you Food Network and AMC, for instance, have signed on.

Palm: The Turnaround Story of the Year

A quick but noteworthy follow-up to my earlier post about the incredible gain in market cap Palm made in the last year. Palm’s valuation is actually higher than the $1.95 billion I quoted earlier. Quite a bit higher, it turns out.


Google Unveils AdSense For iPhone, Android Apps

Google today announced AdSense for Mobile Applications, a service that allows developers to display text and image ads in applications for the Apple iPhone and Google Android operating systems.


‘Twitterature’ to Hit the Bookstores

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Shakespeare, rolling over in his grave. That’s because Penguin Classics is publishing a Cliff’s Notes-style book about literature by two University of Chicago freshmen in which they summarize the great literary works–writing entirely in tweets.

One Million Palm Pre Apps Downloaded

Well, here’s a nice data point to consider in advance of Palm’s earnings tomorrow. The company’s Pre App Catalog, which has been widely criticized for its paltry selection, just reached one million downloads.

Weiner Nabs CEO Job at LinkedIn; Hoffman to Executive Chairman (Plus the Official Press Release)

In a move that many in the Silicon Valley chattering classes were certainly wondering about, former Yahoo exec Jeff Weiner has been named CEO of LinkedIn, the largest social network focused on professionals. Weiner, 39, who has been the president of the Mountain View, Calif.-based company since late last year, will also join the board of directors. Current CEO, Chairman and founder Reid Hoffman will become executive chairman and will continue to work on a daily basis at LinkedIn. He said the move was not part of preparations for an initial public offering but because Weiner had already been handling the duties of CEO for some time.

Love is Fleeting…

Sprint CFO: What iPhone?