Is Bigger Better? Here Come the Supersized Web Ads.

Earlier this year, an online publishing trade group promised to get its members to start running new, bigger, harder-to-ignore ads by July. So here they are: The Online Publishers Association says 37 sites, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and, will start selling the plus-sized ads this week. Now we’ll see if they work.


Personal Democracy Forum: Seeking the Youth Vote

The historic election of President Barack Obama marked a high point for youth involvement in elections. Now, activists are trying to figure out how to bottle youthful Obamania and transport it to other elections.

Sharks, Jets, Page Views: “Web Site Story”

Are College Humor fans also big Leonard Bernstein fans? Time to find out. And just to help folks find the clip, here’s the latest from Ricky Van Veen and company, in which they name-check Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and gaggle of the Web’s favorite brands.

Dell Developing MID (Mobile Internet Disaster)

The consumer electronics wizards at Dell who brought us the now defunct DJ Ditty MP3 player and the Axim handheld are hard at work on another gadget, a mobile Internet device.


CVC: Network DVR Gives Cable Edge Over Satellite

With a victory at the Supreme Court on the issue of network DVR, the next question for Cablevision is going to be how to proceed with rolling out service. And the answer is, they are going to move carefully in an effort not to step on the toes of advertisers.

Jobs Back on the Job, Says Apple

Welcome to the FCC, Julius: Now Get to Work on a National Broadband Plan, Please…

Last week, after much delay, longtime Internet exec Julius Genachowski was confirmed by the Senate as the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. It is an important role for the future development of the Web, of course, although it took a dog’s age into the new Democratic administration to approve him. Hopefully, he and the other commissioners can soon get to work on a wide range of major digital issues, such as a national broadband plan that does not cost Americans a fortune.

Dell: Who You Gonna Buy?

Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi has a few ideas about what Dell should do with the nearly $11 billion in cash reserves it’s sitting on and they don’t include buying Palm. Sacconaghi believes that Dell isn’t interested in a “transformational” acquisition, though its interest in the handset market might suggest otherwise. Rather, the company is mulling the acquisition of small- to medium-sized enterprise-related companies.

Big Music Label Foe LimeWire’s Newest Executive: A Big Music Label Veteran

What do you do when your job working for a big music label disappears? You go to work for a pirate-friendly file-sharing service that’s being sued by the big music labels.

Facebook Selects New CFO: Former Genentech Exec Ebersman

Facebook picked a new CFO quietly, after its cloddish public parting with longtime top financial exec Gideon Yu earlier this year. The fast-growing social-networking site said in late March it was looking for a CFO with “public company experience,” and it seems to have gotten one in former Genentech CFO David Ebersman. And, indeed, with the addition of Ebersman, Facebook inches ever closer to an IPO.